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Active Face Cream

Achieve facial fitness and restore a youthful, plump complexion with this advanced formula that regenerates dermal fat cells, restoring volume and firmness. Experience the power of science and nature working together to give your skin the lift it deserves! 

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Dermal fat cells become bloated and grow too large becoming weak and unable to regenerate properly, causing a decrease in collage, elastin, and hyaluronic production - resulting in a visible loss of volume and firmness.

Factors that slow down regeneration:

  • Sun Exposure

  • Dynamic Facial Movement

  • Diet

  • Age

  • Excessive Exercise 

  • Products

  • Toxin injections

  • Poor Circulation

  • Hormones 


Adipeau was designed to support the skin’s own regenerative efforts, thereby enhancing volume
appearance - AND - to tone the skin’s fat cells, thereby restoring the youthful look of strength and subtle definition.

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