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Non - Invasive Face Lift 
No Knife. No Needle. Just Microcurrent.


The Myolift microcurrent devices utilize true microcurrent, a gentle low level electrical impulse to strengthen and even out facial muscles and connective tissue resulting in minimizing wrinkles.


Consistent use of microcurrent boosts ATP production, the source of energy for cellular functions. It encourages the building of collagen and elastin structure to firm, tone, and contour the skin. Stimulating muscle, cell growth, and collagen production in the dermal layer plumps and lifts the skin.


Microcurrent also helps the skin absorb products and nutrients bringing a refreshed and hydrated appearance to the skin.  

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Myolift QT™ 

The Myolift QT Plus is your new portable, non-invasive face lift. No needles. No knife. Just up to 400 microamps of microcurrent intensity in the comfort of your home or purse on the go. This microcurrent machine uses patented Smart Current technology for customized, professional grade treatments with long-lasting results. 

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Myolift™ Mini

Expand your skin care routine to include the high-technology power of at home microcurrent facials. The 7E MyoLift™ Mini microcurrent machine can be used up to three times a week and will always produce stunning, anti-aging, skin-toning results.

This portable and affordable microcurrent machine provides anti-aging and skin health benefits in a non-invasive and relaxing way. As a compact microcurrent machine, it doesn’t take up valuable space on your table and can be moved and maneuvered easily.

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