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Tropical Palm Leaf

As a Skin Therapist and California State Board Certified Esthetician of 14+ years, my goal is to instill confidence, beauty, and well-being in my clients. With a background in high-end luxury day spas, I strive to treat my clients to a rejuvenating experience that not only calms the mind, body, and soul but delivers results.


I have treated skin concerns including Pigmentation, Acne, Aging, and Rosacea, along with conditions like skin dryness, dehydration and sensitivity. I am passionate about learning and studying how the skin functions and sharing with you what it is telling me not only about your face, but your overall health and wellness.  I believe treating the cause of skin imperfections instead of just the symptoms is how healthy, radiant skin is accomplished. Through a cocktail of the right home skin care regimen, professional services, and nutrition and lifestyle choices, I believe we can all have the skin we desire!

Come see me for solutions that execute transformation to healthy, radiant skin! Book your appointment online, call or text to schedule an appointment at (619) 977-1416, or fill out the contact form below! Talk to you soon!

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