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Tropical Palm Leaf

As a California State Board Certified Aesthetician of 13+ years, my goal is to instill confidence, beauty, and well-being in my clients. With a background in high-end luxury day spas, I strive to treat my clients to a rejuvenating experience that not only calms the mind, body, and soul but delivers results.


I have treated skin concerns including Pigmentation, Acne, Aging, and Rosacea, along with conditions like skin dryness, dehydration and sensitivity. I believe treating the cause of skin imperfections instead of just the symptoms is how healthy, radiant skin is accomplished. Through a cocktail of the right home skin care regimen, professional services, and nutrition and lifestyle choices, I believe we can all have the skin we desire!

For Healthy, Radiant Skin book your appointment online, call or text to schedule an appointment at (619) 977-1416, or fill out the contact form below!

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