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Empowering Radiant Beauty
Embracing Nature
Nurturing Wellness

The Day Spa meets the Med Spa

~ with a Holistic influence 

Escape into a world of comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation. At the top of Voltaire Street, where Ocean Beach meets Point Loma., step into the soothing ambiance of a secluded garden where a rejuvenating hour is met with results you can see and feel.


Achieving the skin you desire is within reach. By understanding your skin type, lifestyle, and goals, I offer bespoke solutions guiding you toward the healthy, radiant skin we all desire.


Come see for yourself how luxurious your skin can look and feel! Ask about a Skin Wellness Coaching consultation today, or book your first treatment! It's never too late to start your journey toward beautiful, healthy skin!

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Now Offering
Skin Wellness Coaching

With conflicting messages bombarding us daily, understanding how to apply skincare advice to your unique needs can feel like an impossible task. My Skin Wellness Coaching service is designed to cut through the noise and confusion of today's information overload and provide clarity and personalized guidance tailored specifically to you. Blending my expertise in skincare, immunity, and emotional well-being, I aim to help you achieve radiant skin and holistic wellness.


As your dedicated coach, I’ll guide you through understanding the intricate relationship between internal health and external beauty, offering personalized solutions to address concerns at their root. With regular check-ins, empathetic support, and a range of tailored strategies including detoxification and immune support, I am committed to empowering you on your journey to glowing skin and vibrant health.


Holding a Branch

Working with Osmosis Beauty, I have been able to treat the most challenging skin conditions no one else can. Their unique philosophy is based on treating the whole self to holistically heal the skin from the inside out. Their professional skincare products feature ingredients essential to activate repair using pharmaceutical-grade delivery systems, clean ingredients, and patented technology. 


Elisha is THE BEST Esti in all of San Diego!  I have been a long time client of hers and I stopped going to her for about a year and that was the worst decision I made!  I started working at a spa during that time so I thought to get my facials done there to enjoy the perks (which are nice) but there was absolutely no comparison to Elisha and the skincare products she carries.  

I made it a priority to get my skincare regimen back up to speed this year and asked her if she'd take me back.  She gladly took me in that week and my skin looks and feels incredible!  I'm so happy with the results and I won't ever leave her again.  

I have scarring from teenage acne and she's the only esti who's been able to combat it!  Elisha is very thorough with extractions and removing blemishes, which I LOVE; yet, her approach to healthy skin is to focus on building the new skin instead of just washing your face and getting you out in one hour.  I know I'm a client that usually takes her almost 2 hours to work with but she doesn't rush through your appointment and really gets all the gunk out!  

I signed up with her annual membership plan so that I can take advantage of the cool perks like getting a spray tan with my purchase, but more so to take accountability in staying on top of my facials. 

My skin continues to feel epic and I'm actually enjoying my skincare routine mornings and nights.   So fresh and so clean!  I'm currently on a regimen using both Image and Osmosis products.  

Five star quality service - hands down!!!

Barbara, SAN Diego


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